You're creative, so ideas flow to you without much effort. Yet when it comes to bringing those ideas to life, you often find yourself overwhelmed, disoriented and insecure. 

Let's find your north star and map your way there.


action plan for next steps

90-minute 1:1 Zoom call


Part visioning, part strategy, part design and part screen-share working session, we will break through your block and set you up with an Action Plan moving forward.

$499 / session


on-demand support

call recording + searchable transcript

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You've got a sense of your destination, but the way feels unclear and you could really use a trustworthy and resourceful co-pilot. 


3-month container

90-minute kickoff goal setting session

six 1-hour sessions with recordings + notes

text + email support in between sessions

logbook with curated unique-for-you resources

$1500 / month



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In this free class, you'll be guided to reflect on your vision, prioritize what matters and create a plan to level up your life and the business that funds it.

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Life + Business Design for Creative Entrepreneurs