12 weeks to refine your vision, create your brand identity and build your website so you can clearly and confidently share your work with the world.

Bridge the gap between intention and impact.

three month program

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You've been dreaming of something you know exists, but can't seem to fully align with: that soothing sense of life and work flowing in harmony and abundance.

imagine what it would be like to...

Create the flow, freedom and finances you've been longing for.

Intentionally designed for wholehearted creatives, coaches and entrepreneurs who have a vision, but struggle in the details of how to actually create it.

In this 12-week guided journey, you will strengthen your foundational vision, design your brand and website, and setup the strategic structures needed to grow your business in a sustainable and nourishing way.

Connect the dots between your work, life and what actually feels nourishing to you.

Starting with the foundational belief that you're a human BEING, not a human DOING, we begin our 12-week container by getting to the heart of what you envision for your life and work. We then design it in a way that is strategic, beautiful and feels authentically aligned with the larger vision for your life.

Are you ready to?

Intentional + Strategic + holistic

Refine your vision of what you want life to feel like

Build a brand, website and offers that light you up inside

Feel more flow, freedom and consistent financial abundance


Calibrate to your north star and align your energy and focus.


Create a brand and website your clients are obsessed with.


Refine your offers and create systems to keep it flowing.

what to expect

aka the creative amplifier

meet your guide

California-born, Thailand-raised, UK-educated and Spain-living, Brooke is the definition of a well-rounded global citizen.

Brooke Estin is a strategist, designer, TED speaker, artist, and founder of I Know a Gal, an internationally recognized design studio, help creatives design their lives and work for more freedom, alignment and profitability. 

She has been prominently featured in an award-winning design documentary, has led strategic design events and workshops in the US, Europe and Asia and is a highly sought after business and lifestyle designer. Her style is very experiential and past clients have described Brooke as a โ€œbusiness acupuncturistโ€ since her genius zone is in unblocking creative energy and strategically channeling it into aligned and profitable businesses. 

notable clients + collaborators

brooke estin


Brooke is a goddess-send. I highly recommend her as a steward for your creativity, as a midwife for your soul-centered business and an instigator to help you manage your time, energy, and creativity in a way that is alignment with your highest vision.


Brooke brings together her expertise, creativity, empathy and professionalism into her work. I left our work together feeling confident about launching my business to the world. Now I have clarity on how to present my business and my personal brand!

dr alice penn
brand + website

Brooke's ability to meet people where theyโ€™re at with love, compassion, and understanding is her biggest super power. Honestly, I don't know where I'd be without her. She makes people feel safe and encouraged to learn as they explore and grow - in life and business.


Brooke is amazing! It was a true joy to have her lead us in developing a brand. She brought creative curiosity to all of our conversations and the final brand and website went above and beyond what I could have imagined!

Rahmin Sarabi
brand + website

Working with Brooke was such an inspiring and nurturing experience. We created a beautiful online home for my business that I am in love with. She has such grit and fortitude to take a creative vision and turn it into a reality!

brand + website

Whether you've been honing your craft for decades or you're finally ready to turn your side hustle into your full-time focus, you know you need clarity, know-how and support to fully translate your idea into reality.

You're in the right place.

Take a deep breath and reconnect with why you're here right now.

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refine your vision

Your vision is the foundation for everything. We start by clarifying, refining and preserving it in a way that is solid and actionable. 


a 12-week program to create clarity, structure, beauty and harmony between your livelihood and lifestyle

prioritize what matters

Building upon the solid foundation of your vision, we audit what is present and simplify your schedule to align with your vision.


design your brand and website

We translate your vision into a brand identity and strategically designed website to connect with your ideal audiences.


build your business ecosystem

Strategically design your offers, create your support systems and choose the right tools to keep things moving, even while you rest.


aligned x design

three month guided journey

Over the course of three months, we will meet weekly to vision, build and integrate each part of your business in a way that feels intentional, inspiring and grounded. 
We start with energizing your vision and the why behind your desire, then move into creating an aligned structure and finally dive into creating all the assets you need to confidently share your work with the world.


Program overview

Lifestyle Design

Clarify your vision and feel into the life experience you want to have based on your own values and desires. Instead of setting quantitative goals, we focus in on how you want to feel in the experience of your daily life as you create your legacy. This is the foundation for everything.

walk away with

part one

A clear sensory vision of the direction you want to move in

An ideal schedule that integrates all of what nourishes you

Harmony between of who you are, what you want, and how you structure your day-to-day life


Business Design

Design your business around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your business. We will explore business models, service offer structures and digital products to ensure your business is aligned with the lifestyle that nourishes you.


part two

A clear sense of which business model is best for you

An intuitive and simplified offer suite for you to focus and grow

Inspiration to create digital products that build passive income


Brand Design

We will transform your brand from an idea into a clear, visually appealing and consistent style that creates resonance, connection and interaction with your ideal target audience. 


part 3

A visual brand identity that excites you

An intentional brand strategy to ensure clarity and consistency 

Design best practices, tools, and resources to level up your visuals


Website Design

From content to design to tech setup, you will learn to release the overwhelm, focus on what is most important and finally have a working website that is both beautiful and functional.

walk away with

part 4

A clear understanding of  website strategy

A beautifully designed and functional website you're proud to share

Confidence in how to set up, grow and maintain your website


Systems + Habits

It's one thing to build it and it's another to maintain it. In order to ensure you remain aligned when things start growing, it's important to have both the tech systems and the personal habits in place to honor your vision and avoid burnout. 


Part 5

Resources to help you bring in play, fun and creative energy

Templates to help you check-in and recalibrate over time

Recommended growth tools, apps and frameworks


join us

Intentionally designed for wholehearted creatives, coaches and entrepreneurs who have a vision, but struggle in the details of how to actually create it.

Wondering if aligned x design is for you?

This IS for you if:

You're committed to yourself and are willing to put in the time and energy to execute

You trust you intuition and know that you are meant for more

You care deeply about leaving a positive impact on the world

You identify as a creative, coach, guide or heart-driven entrepreneur

You're all about the woo, but bail when it comes to doing the work

Aren't sure if you can honor your commitment and don't plan on fully showing up

You think you already know everything and are only looking for accountability

You're not able to use your intuition to help you make decisions

This is NOT for you if:

program only


+ online course
+ resource library


program +
1:1 support


+online course
+ weekly group coaching
+ resource library
+voxer/whatsapp support



your level up is here

Program Value = $10,000+


1:1 call with brooke

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ALIGNed X DESIGN journey

In this 1hr Zoom session, we will explore where you're at, what you need and consider any specific goals you have for your experience.

12 weeks of meetings to refine your vision, create your brand identity, and build your website with the structure to maintain it.


You're keen to dive in, but not sure what to expect? Here's your 1-2-3.




You will be given recommendations and discounts on our favorite templates available for purchase, or in some cases free.

do i get templates?

Yes! There will be a chance to connect and get focused time in the group setting. For 1:1 time, you can choose the program + coaching option.

do i get 1:1 time with brooke?

This will be a small, intimate container of between 10 - 15 people.

how large is the group?

We will be re-launching this program in the second half of 2023. Join the waitlist to get updates on our exact dates.

when will it be available?


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