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Life-first brand + business design for creatives, coaches and entrepreneurs seeking more freedom, flow and financial abundance.

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past clients + collaborations

past clients + collaborations

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Learn how to clarify your vision and design a life-first profitable business - with a brand and website you're proud to call yours.

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you deserve a life-first, abundant business and all the strategy + design + tech support it needs to grow.

Remember you're a human being, not a human doing.

Let's discover your north star, prioritize what matters, build strong systems and bridge the gap between dreams and reality.

"She's like a business acupuncturist."

It was as if she could feel where the energy was blocked. As we worked on those areas, the energy started flowing to the whole system again.

women's Wellness Coach

what clients say

Rachel rossitto

"Game changer for my life and business."

She has helped me to pull my ideas all the way through, which as a creative can be quite the challenge!

yoga + breathwork teacher

malina dawn

The most valuable investment I've made in my professional life.

She's a modern alchemist who supports clients in transforming all the raw elements of a creative process into gold. Her sweeping expertise, commitment to excellence, and intuitive accompaniment are exceptional. 

PSYCHOTHERAPIST + yoga teacher + writer

shawn parell

"She was the creative doula I needed to bring my ideas to the world."

It was such an inspiring and nurturing experience. We created a beautiful online home for my business that I am in love with.



"Honestly, I don't know where I'd be without her."

Brooke's ability to meet people where they’re at with love, compassion, and understanding is her biggest super power. She made me feel so safe and encouraged to learn and grow - in life and business.

musician + artist

elaine faye / aka eebeyond

Brooke is a rare combination of strategic thinker, designer and builder.

I always think of Brooke first whenever I'm about to design something I really care about, and she has consistently provided amazing support, guidance and output.

 Zamir Dhanji, counselor + Yogi + Artist

Zamir Dhanji

"I left feeling confident about launching my business to the world."

Brooke is the perfect blend of expertise, creativity, empathy and professionalism.

Executive Transition Coach + speaker

dr alice penn

"I felt so taken care of during the entire process."

The unique combination of talent and experience that Brooke has was exactly what I was looking for to bring my vision to reality.

psychotherapist + coach


"Above and beyond anything I could have imagined."

She brought creative curiosity to all of our conversations and the final brand and website exceeded all expectations."

activist + entrepreneur

rahmin sarabi

"Our work together generates $250K/month of income for me!"

Brooke is PHENOMENAL in every way! Her knowledge of web design, branding and experience design have made her an invaluable part of my business success.

sales coach + entrepreneur

ian koniak

Clarify your vision and design an aligned, stable and flowing business to fund it.

Bridge the gaps between big vision and tangible reality.

work with me


starting at $499

Need a strategic thinking, resourceful, skillful design partner to help figure out your next move?

Lay it all out on the table as we work through through your specific struggle. Part strategy, part design and part screen-share working session, we will break through your block and set your brand and business up with a clear action plan to move forward.

On-demand live sessions

👉 For you if you need a strategic designer on call without commitment

Brand Therapy



starting at $1499/month

Clarify your big vision, choose an aligned business model, build your offers, define your signature look and setup strong systems that grow an aligned and abundant business.


You've got a sense of your destination, but the way feels unclear and you could really use a trustworthy, resourceful and encouraging co-pilot.

👉 For you if you want a personalized, dynamic, on-call partner for 3-6 months.


Aligned x Design

starting at $999

On-demand content plus live weekly coaching + implementation calls, a growing resource library and 1:1 support options.


Intentionally design a life you love and a business to fund it. Walk away with an aligned business model, brand identity + website.

👉 For you if you want a guided group experience with coursework + group calls + coaching.


From brand identity to website design to course setup, my design studio is your go-to.

👉 For you if you want to hire a professional for your brand + website + course design.


My superpower is weaving creativity and structure. 

When you have an idea but you're unclear how to actually build it into something others can interact with, I'm your gal.

The journey here has been cross-sector and global. I've developed marketing strategies for small businesses in Nepal, gave a TED talk in Thailand, built websites for entrepreneurs across the US and Europe, hosted Design Thinking workshops in Spain and San Francisco, interviewed Fortune 100 CEOs in Silicon Valley, created Brand Identities for 9-figure entrepreneurs, build online courses and memberships that have generated $3+ million dollars, had my original paintings exhibited in Europe, Asia and the United States and was featured in an award winning documentary.

Clearly, I'm not defined by one thing - and I bet you aren't either.

I'm Brooke Estin

I bridge the gaps between big dreams and practical realities.

(I've got a good one)

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