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You've been dreaming of something you know exists: that soothing sense of life and work flowing in harmony and abundance.

You desire a business that funds and fuels your ideal life, but you've lost sight of your big vision and got overly caught up in the hustle.

You can sense you're burning out, but you don't know how to sustain your income without over giving, keeping you in a cycle of financial scarcity.

Connect the dots between your work, life and what actually feels nourishing to you.

the foundation

sound familiar?

align your business

Get clarity on what an aligned and abundance life really looks like for you

clarify your vision

Design for what you want
not just what you think is available.

the process

Choose an aligned business model and streamlined offers for ease + scale.

Setup systems with automations, funnels, emails and more.

set up systems

Define your goals, audience, look and feel, and marketing style.

build your brand

1:1 coaching

from idea to impact

Your private 3-month-container to strengthen your foundational vision, define your business structure and offers, design your visual brand and and setup the structures needed to grow your business in a sustainable and nourishing way.

Create a brand identity and website that is equal parts beauty, function and profitable.

beautify your brand + website

Design an effortless experience to build credibility, trust and ease into your workflow.

design a wow-worthy experience

Choose a business model and designing high value offers that truly nourishes you.


Deeply understand your audience and position yourself as solving an active problem.


Audit what is present and simplify your schedule to align with your clarified vision.

shift your current experience

Start by clarifying, refining and preserving it in a way that is solid and actionable. 


clarify Your North Star



My superpower is weaving creativity and structure, alchemizing ideas into tangible realities.

I'm a strategist, designer, TED speaker, artist, and founder of I Know a Gal, an internationally recognized design studio that helps creatives design their lives and work for more freedom, alignment and profitability. 

My style is very experiential and past clients have described me as a “business acupuncturist” since my genius zone is in unblocking creative energy and strategically channeling it into aligned and profitable businesses.

hey there,

I'm Brooke Estin

I bridge the gaps between big dreams and practical realities.

California born, Thailand raised, UK-educated and Spain living, I fully identify as a "global citizen". 

fun fact

"I left feeling confident about launching my business to the world."


"Brooke is a goddess-send."

I highly recommend her as a steward for your creativity, as a midwife for your soul-centered business and an instigator to help you manage your time, energy, and creativity in a way that is alignment with your highest vision.

rachel rossitto

what my clients say

Brooke brings together her expertise, creativity, empathy and professionalism into her work. Now I have clarity on how to present my business and my personal brand!

"Our work has helped me generate $100k per month in subscriptions."

ian koniak
sales coach + entrepreneur

Brooke helped me build out a professional, sleek membership site on Kajabi which has helped generate $100K/month in subscriptions. I consider her an invaluable member of my team.

"It was such an inspiring and nurturing experience."


We created a beautiful online home for my business that I am in love with. She has such grit and fortitude to take a creative vision and turn it into a reality! 

"Exactly what I needed to pull me out of my creative drought."


This whole journey was incredibly powerful and gives me the confidence to build a life I desire. 

"Honestly, I don't know where I would have ended up without her."


Brooke's ability to meet people where they’re at with love, compassion, and understanding is her biggest super power. She makes people feel safe and encouraged to learn as they explore and grow - in life and business.

You're committed to yourself and are willing to put in the time and energy to execute

You trust you intuition and know that you are meant for more

You care deeply about leaving a positive impact on the world

You identify as a creative, coach, guide or heart-driven entrepreneur

You can make hard decisions, knowing full well that you will iterate and adjust as you go

You're all about the woo, but bail when it comes to doing the work

Aren't sure if you can honor your commitment and don't plan on fully showing up

You have a fixed mindset and aren't open to guidance or accountability

You're not able to use your intuition to help you make decisions

You are all ideas, but don't follow through with consistent action, regardless of the goal

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Is it a good fit?



coaching + design

Walk away with a clear vision and 90-Day action plan.

3-month container



90-minute Kickoff Goal Setting Call

eight (8) 1-hour sessions with recordings + notes

text + email support in between sessions

logbook with curated unique-for-you resources

90-minute Creative Direction Call

custom brand identity design (wordmark logo + colors + fonts + vibe )

up to 10 page website, including blog + podcast

automated email series / funnel and salespage

30-day website launch tech support

90-minute kickoff goal setting call

six (6) 1-hour sessions with recordings + notes

text + email support in between calls

logbook with curated unique-for-you resources

Walk away with a strategic brand, website and 90-day action plan.

If you aren't sure and want to explore your options together, please book a free call.

which package is best for me?

If you're already clear on you want to dive straight into design, check out my brand and design studio, I Know a Gal, here.

do you offer just websites?

Yes. I'm happy to work on a payment plan together. Please bring this up on your call / application so we can discuss in more detail.

do you offer payment plans?

You need to have a sense of the direction you want to move in, but you don't need to know any details about how you'll get there.

how clear do I need to be?


That is something we can explore together based on your needs and context. 

can i add my package?

You are welcome to add an extra session as needed for an extra client-rate charge.

what if I need more 1:1 time?

Let's bridge the gap between big dreams and tangible realities.

are you ready?

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