I'm a strategist, designer, coach and artist dedicated to bridging the gap between creative ideas and reality. My superpower is weaving creativity and structure - evolving ideas into realities.

I've developed marketing strategies for small businesses in Nepal, gave a TED talk in Thailand, built websites for entrepreneurs across the US and Europe, hosted Design Thinking workshops in Spain and San Francisco, interviewed Fortune 100 CEOs in Silicon Valley, had my original paintings exhibited in Europe, Asia and the United States and was also featured in an award winning documentary.

Clearly, I'm not defined by one thing - and I bet you aren't either.


Design your life and work from the inside out.

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California-born, Thailand-raised, UK-educated and Spain-living, Brooke is the definition of a well-rounded global citizen.


Brooke Estin is a certified personal brand strategist, TED speaker, international artist, designer, and founder of the internationally sought-after design studio, I Know a Gal, where she helps creative entrepreneurs design their lives and work for more freedom, alignment and profitability.

In addition to working with countless creatives, social entrepreneurs, coaches, freelancers and artists, Brooke has worked with globally renowned companies such as Google, TED, Disney, SingularityU, IDEO, Impact Hub and Red Bull Media House. 

She has been prominently featured in an award-winning design documentary, has led strategic design events and workshops in the US, Europe and Asia and is a highly sought after business and lifestyle designer. Her style is very experiential and past clients have described Brooke as a “business acupuncturist” since her genius zone is in unblocking creative energy and strategically channeling it into aligned and scalable businesses. 

As a freedom-obsessed creative entrepreneur and the host of The Art of Lost & Found Podcast she interviews creatives on their journeys to designing purposeful, abundant and creatively satisfying lives and businesses. 

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Brooke is a goddess-send. I highly recommend her as a steward for your creativity, as a midwife for your soul-centered business and an instigator to help you manage your time, energy, and creativity in a way that is alignment with your highest vision.


I've worked with Brooke over a year and she has been PHENOMENAL in every way! She's helped me build out a professional, sleek membership site on Kajabi which has helped generate $100K/month in subscriptions. Her knowledge of web design, UX, and Kajabi is the perfect combination for building out an awesome online course or coaching program, and I consider her an invaluable member of my team! I highly recommend working with Brooke if you have the chance. 

I will forever be grateful for Brooke's patience, expertise and brilliance. Brooke helped me clearly describe who I am, what I do, and why I do it, and this gave me the confidence to grow my business thoughtfully with the right customers. She helped me put into powerful, clear words the impact we have on our clients and the impact our clients have on the world.

amanda moriuchi 

Brooke can amplify ideas and garner attention from the broader community in a way that few people can. She has the clear vision to make things happen. She is incredibly attuned to people's needs, and creates an environment where it's easy to open up to her and allow her to get to the heart of the issue in order to work on it. Her ability to translate creative and sometimes abstract ideas into tangible actions is extraordinary. Brooke can see things where others can't, enabling her to connect ideas and disparate concepts with ease. 


Brooke's ability to meet people where they’re at with love, compassion, and understanding is her biggest super power. Honestly, I don't know where I'd be without her. She makes people feel safe and encouraged to learn as they explore and grow - in life and business.


Brooke brings together her expertise, creativity, empathy and professionalism into her work. I left our work together feeling confident about launching my business to the world. Now I have clarity on how to present my business and my personal brand!

dr alice penn
brand + website

Brooke is amazing! It was a true joy to have her lead us in developing a brand. She brought creative curiosity to all of our conversations and the final brand and website went above and beyond what I could have imagined!

Rahmin Sarabi
brand + website

Brooke has an outstanding ability to create visually, what is expressed verbally. In addition to having a world class skillset, she is also a joy to partner with and goes the extra mile. You're in good company, if she's part of your company. 


Working with Brooke was such an inspiring and nurturing experience. We created a beautiful online home for my business that I am in love with. She has such grit and fortitude to take a creative vision and turn it into a reality!

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The work in front of you is not about you; it's about the people you serve. Brooke focuses on what matters most; your customer. Hire Brooke to create the brand, the assets, and the message that your customers need to hear, see and feel to hire you.

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